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100 Days Of Medium

Should I Write for Money or Exposure on Medium?

In our 100 Days of Medium journey, there are two potential goals we can set to indicate success.

The first goal is money. The objective of this goal is, well, to make money. Medium makes it possible to earn money through stories written under the Medium Partner Program. The way it works is simple — you write stories, publish them as ‘members only’, and you’ll earn money depending on the number of ‘claps’ (engagement) per post. For more information, read the FAQs here.

The second goal is exposure. Exposure Continue Reading →

100 Days Of Medium

Intro to 100 Days of Medium

It’s happening! I’m starting a 100 day journey to finding success on Medium. Whatever happens, whether failure or success, I’ll be documenting everything I learn here in complete transparency.

This is a journey I’ve planned for years. Ever since working on Rabbut two years ago, a tool for collecting emails on Medium (now defunct), I wanted a way to share my thoughts, experiments and lessons learned from publishing on the Medium platform, but it wasn’t until Continue Reading →