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Pledge Card

This awesome card lets your Medium fans donate a monthly set amount of their choosing as a way to support you and your writing.
Way to go!

Pricing $

You're the bread to our butter, the cheese to our macaroni. Without your support, Heeyy wouldn't exist.
To thank you, we've come up with a cow-themed price plan, cause, you know... cows eat "heeyy".

Baby Cow ( $0 / month )

Completely free, except when you start making moola off a pledge card.
5% + $0.35 fee per transaction.

Not-so-baby Cow ( $10 / month )

Removal of the heeyy branding! (ouch).
Create up to 500 trigger events / month with a 5% + $0.35 fee per transaction on a pledge card.

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